Success Stories

Dr. Cordovado and Dr. Sallarulo Thank You!

Both Dr. Cordovado and Dr. Sallarulo always make me feel like I'm the only patient in their office. I never feel rushed and they spend as much time with me as needed. I've been having knee problems for years and have been to 5 other Doctors who did nothing to help me. Within 3 visits here I was able to walk up and down my stairs again. The staff is extremely friendly and so helpful in providing with everything ever requested. I'm also on a weight loss program with the doctors and have lost 32lbs already. I feel so much younger since my entrance to Park Ridge Healthcare and Physical Medicine and would highly recommend this office to anyone who wants to get well.

A.G Roswell, GA

Great Doctors

These doctors have treated me and my family for more than 10 years and we still continue to use them. Between the Doctors and the staff you feel like you're more than a number, you are a person with chiropractic needs.

M.T. Lawrenceville, GA

Fabulous, Fun, and Doing Better

Drs Pat Sallarulo and Ed Cordovado are the most awesome chiropractors I've had the pleasure to have work on me. I've had issues with digestive and sinus problems, and the usual neck and shoulder and low back pain, and they have kept all that completely at bay. In other words, I haven't missed work or been bed ridden since I started chiropractic care of there! They go out of their way for me, are so fun, nice, and funny too! It's just a bunch of fun to be in their company and get better at the same time! Their laughter and hugs are great for healing too! Dr. Pat's been a leader in Chiropractic in Georgia and has had his practice since 1985 with an incredible reputation. And their male and female massage therapists are so amazing! I'm looking forward to starting on their cleansing and nutritional and weight loss programs. It doesn't hurt that Dr. Pat and I are both singers and so love performing music. It's just a fun family atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and the kids don't want to leave! I recommend them to people I care about and to strangers, chiropractic can only help be healthier!

R.R Atlanta, GA

Bye Bye Lower Back Pain, Hello Cycle!

After a rear-end collision I had excrusiating lower back pain, and even more disturbing my monthly cycle was no longer present. After two weeks of seeing Dr. Cordovado my lower back pain had reduced immensley and even more important my cycle had returned. Dr. Cordovado was knowledgeable and sympathetic, and the office was run smoothly in all aspects. A+ all the way around.

V.C. Atlanta, GA

Auto Injury Specialist

I was rear ended at 75 mph on the 285 beltway one evening after work. I had severe lower back and neck pain with headaches. It was hard for me to perform my daily activities as well as I was having trouble sleeping at night. I was immediately impressed with my experience at Park Ridge Healthcare and Physical Medicine. The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. They made me feel comfortable with the whole process from start to finish. I started feeling better with my first adjustment and continued to have a very rapid recovery. I would highly recommend the doctors at Park Ridge Chiropractic if you are in pain. They can help you too!

R.J Duluth, GA

Bursitis and a "Frozen Shoulder"

I began going to Park Ridge Healthcare and Physical Medicine for occasional adjustments. When I was around 50 years old I took my 4 year old son to Six Flags and was riding the smallest and jerkiest roller coaster they had. While the coaster was jerking I tried supporting myself with my left arm, but upon a curve I felt a strong pain in my upper left torso. I tried to ignore it for weeks, and then months. When I couldn't deal with the pain anymore I went to an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with bursitis coupled with "frozen shoulder." In other words I could no longer lift my left arm above my shoulder. He recommended surgery. I then went to Park Ridge and my treatment consisted of periodic adjustments, chiropractic massage from a Park Ridge therapist, and physical therapy at another location. As a result I experienced a complete recovery after 4 months of treatment followed by changes in my behavior. With the help and encouragment of the people at Park Ridge I was able to quit smoking, change my eating habits, and begin to lift weights. I now feel great. I continue my periodic visits to Park Ridge as a way to continue to stay healthy.

G.N. Atlanta, GA


I had been undergoing medical treatment for psoriatic arthritis for about one year prior to beginning chiropractic treatment. This condition produced moderate to severe swelling and pain in my right foot. In addition, because I was favoring my foot, I began to experience muscle spasms and pain in my thighs and lower back. I had been seeing a rheumatologist for the arthritis condition. Over the course of treatment, he had tried several medications looking for one that would control the arthritis in my case. I had not sought medical treatment for the muscle spasms and back pain. I cannot function at work while taking muscle relaxers and pain medications that would typically be prescribed for such conditions. Prior to beginning chiropractic care, the lower back pain was reducing my mobility, and making exercise almost impossible.

Since beginning chiropractic treatment, my mobility has improved dramatically without additional medications. I have been able to resume some exercise and gardening activities. Vitamin therapy and arthritis medication is bringing my condition under control. Since my right foot is not yet totally pain free, I continue to receive weekly maintenance adjustments.

B.S Chamblee, GA

Rib Pain and Lower Back Pain

When I first entered the office I was experiencing lower back pain and my ribs also bothered me. Treatment I had received at other offices was mediocre at best. I never did get any real results. I used to take ibuprophen and apply heat to relieve the pain. I also saw a medical doctork, but that route didn't offer any relief. Due to desperation adn lack of results with what I was currently trying, I decided to give Park Ridge Healthcare and Physical Medicine a chance.

Initially I felt chirpractic was good, but only in the case of emergency. Howerever as my treatment progressed, I soon came to see that it was important not only for relieving the symptoms and correcting the problem, but it is also important to continue with maintenance care. My results have been excellent. I am a firm believer as well as my friends. They have all had excellent results with their treatments.

The benefits from chiropractic care are excellent. It is a necessary part of a complete health care program.

D.P. Marietta, GA

Foot Problems

I have had lower back problems most of my life and the "family" remedies were a couple of aspirins and bed rest. I had resolved it was something I could live with and I knew my limitations. A series of car accidents over the years left me in a place of needing chiropractic care on a regular basis for short periods of time to bring my body back into balance.

At the time I contacted this office, my lower back was on the border of going "out" and I had not been to a chiropractor for some time. My first visit left me feeling quite relieved from pain and muscle spasms. I was as good as new after my second visit!! I knew that I would be coming in on a long term basis for maintenance purposes.

I also experienced a "healing" through chiropractic care applied to my right foot. I have been an avid runner for over 20 years and recently noticed a knot the size of a marble on the right side of my foot. I did not have pain while I was running, but experienced it after the run was over. After a few adjustments, I felt a release in my foot, and the knot was gone. By following the recommendations before starting my runs, it has mad a difference for my feet and the knot has not returned.

The Doctors and their professional, friendly staff are a credit to their profession and I consider it a privilege to refer new patients.

N.M. Snellville, GA

Park Ridge Helps Families

When I first entered Dr. Sallarulo's and Dr. Cordovado's office I was experiencing neck and low back pain. The neck pain was intermittent, but the low back pain was quite severe. Previously, I had been using heat, Tylenol, or Advil to treat my symptoms. My husband suggested that I seek treatment from Park Ridge Wellness Center.

On my first visit, I found the doctors, and the staff to be very courteous and knowledgeable. Dr. Cordovado immediately put me at ease and was very thorough. He placed me on a treatment program and recommended things to do at home. The results that I had were immediate and as time went by my condition continued to improve greatly. The most incredible improvement I have felt has been especially concerning my back pain that has been associated with my PMS.

Since my favorable experience with chiropractic, I have also referred both of my sons. One son, in particular, was injured while playing football and thanks to the treatment he received from Park Ridge, he was able to return to practice shortly after injuring himself.

My recommendation to anyone who is sick or in pain is…if how you're currently trying to treat the problem isn't working, then go see the professionals at Park Ride Wellness Center. W.P. Tucker, GA