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The Bed Boss uses a combination of natural and renewable resources to create products that are healthier for you and the environment. The revolutionary more breathable memory foam reduces heat retention, ensuring consistent all season comfort. The semi-open cell structure allows heat to escape and air to flow around the body, without compromising the support you can expect from genuine visco foam. Our Bamboo infused visco is noticeably cooler and quilted into our ultra premium covers treated with Aloe Vera and composed of nearly 40% bamboo fibers. Also, a combination of Castor plant oil and Palm oil replaces up to 20% of the petroleum traditionally used in foam production. a unique configuration of variable density layers and highly resilient base foam, allows The Bed Boss to achieve an unbeatable balance of softness and support. We are confident we have created the most comfortable sleeping solution available.

The Visco Heir ET by The Bed Boss is the bed that redefines affordable comfort with a distinctive euro-top design. Bamboo infused memory foam is more breathable and dissipates up to 80% more heat that other memory foam. The most popular model, The Visco Heir ET provides the optimal balance of support and pressure relief.

Benefits Of Memory Foam

  • Encounter fewer nighttime disturbances - Genuine visco-elastic memory foam from The Bed Boss does not transfer movement like a traditional inner spring mattress.
  • Enjoy more restful sleep - Only high quality memory foam reduces tossing and turning caused by capillary restriction. The result is increased circulation and a feeling of being cradled in pressure relieving comfort. You will experience more rest in less time.
  • Experience the longevity of genuine memory foam - Visco-elastic memory foam mattresses consistently out last some conventional innerspring beds by 2-3 times. All mattresses from The Bed Boss are backed by a trusted 10 year warranty.

The Bed Boss has earned the coveted Certi-Pur Seal of Consumer Safety.
This certifies that our foam is:

  • Emission tested
  • Content tested
  • Low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality
  • Made without prohibited phthalates
  • Made without ozone depleters (no CFCs)
  • Made without mercury, lead or heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without methylene chloride
  • Made without PBDEs
  • Durability and performance tested